Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Freud used to keep a pen and paper at his bedside to record his dreams. The unconscious mind unleashes clandestine thoughts, which then evaporate for all eternity or else they are reclassified and once again confined to that secluded place, to be revealed in cinematic elegance in another time and space.

What do you dream of? And on awakening do you discard that other life, concentrating instead on the practicalities of the day ahead? Or do you savour those night-time escapades and grasp on to threads of possibilities? Struggling to recollect fading fragments, does a sense of peace stroke your stirring body or do demons embed themselves into your wakefulness?


  1. I use my dreams to analyse what's going on in my head, because I believe they are a reflection of what's going on in your subconscious. Lucid dreams often stay with me all day and the I'll keep on thinking about the gooooooooooooood ones! :o)

  2. I have experienced three different types of dreams throughout my life. As a youth, I had no words for what might be happening, but had reoccurring dreams that I vividly remember today. I regard these were simple messages to my later self to interpret my psychosis at the time. They turned out to be very accurate.

    My second type are the "working out my crap of the day" dreams, and after years of a busy life I've learned to let my subconscious work that out without much conscious memory.

    The third, and most exciting to me, are the rare prophetic dreams. These are very vivid and very symbolic. They warn me of events to come and are deadly accurate. The way that I know they are prophetic is that they occur in such a vivid form and never go away. I remember the very first one offered and each one since. I also can, very shortly afterward, connect an event that they relate to. These are messages given to me form my spirit guides, and I treasure them.

  3. Since I had a big loss in my life 4 years ago (my husband) I don't remember my dreams. But generally I wake up peacefully, I'd like to know why...
    Good luck Becky!

  4. I think recurring dreams carry a message from our subconscious - usually something it needs our conscious mind to consider and work on. My recurring dreams feature an elastic landscape with many, many weird shops and offices and apartments and I always have great difficulty in getting from one place to the other.

    Other dreams I think are presents from the cosmos - a little personal fairy tale to lighten our day. Like the one where I'm wandering around hand in hand with David Bowie chatting about art :D

  5. As I have sought to calm my restless spirit in my post 50 decade, my dreaming has become less memorable and at times less traumatic. I personally do not have supernatural belief in dreams, although that is not a patronising comment, as I am always fascinated when I read of others who have uncanny dream experience. It would certainly thrill me if I dreamt that I won the lottery or recieved a gift from Rebecca Condron and it came to pass - ok, I made the second one up, maybe I will have that dream tonight.

    A lot of my dreams are a combination of significant events, often involving people who would never normally meet each other, discussing a project I am working on which involves somebody who is not even there.

    A 'sense of peace strokes my stirring body' when I realise that I am not actually walking in to take an orchestral rehearsal naked!

  6. I am STILL waiting to have the kind of dreams my old cartoon friends always had.The kind where I'm on a beautiful Tropic isle surrounded by adoring women and helpful monkeys (I know..why would you want to spoil it with women? )
    I wake up from distressing dreams occasionally, but very rarely can I recall them after a few min.s. Maybe I should try leaving the pen on the night table.

    On the other hand,if I don't hurry up and get out of bed,my wife, almost DAILY, will hold me prisoner with a; 38 minute, detailed account of
    the 'wildings" that went on in HER head during the night !

  7. Well, I very rarely remember my dreams. When I do, I relish them - it doesn't matter if they're fantasies, nightmares or just mundane, because the memories are rare, I treat them as something quite precious.

    The concept of lucid dreams, and especially those in which the dreamer can re-enter the dream in the future and has control of the progress of the dream fascinates me, and I would love to be able to have that experience.

    Sometimes I wake with a sense of wellbeing, sometimes dread, but being a realist, I take dreams for what they are, a subconscious "play" with no tangible link to reality, and because of this, I pay little heed to the content. I neither worry about it or long for it to become real. Cold and unromantic that may be but I think life's strange enough without looking for a link to a non-existent world.

  8. I sometimes embrace my dreams in the morning, have been known to screw my eyes up tight hoping to get back to some lovely faraway land, this proves almost impossible and however tired you may believe yourself to be once trying to regain a moment you are plunged into wakefulness - Other times I awake with what can only be called nightmares an image either far too painful or far too disturbing, that on awakening you have to give yourself a mental shake down in order to remind yourself this was just a dream.
    Of course which one's I prefer are obvious

  9. I have regular dreams about my now ex-best friend. We were like sisters from the age of three - even our birthdays are just four days apart.

    Over the years, she subtly shaped the way I see myself in the physical form, giving me an extremely low sense of worth to this day. At the age of 33, I was handed a perfect opportunity to knock this unhealthy 'friendship' on the head and have spent the past three years in self-repair.

    Although, in my conscious mind, I rarely think about her and have moved on in a positive way, my nights are ravaged by dreams about her ruining my life in surrepticious and malicious ways.

    I always wake from them feeling I'm not capable of achieving my goals, but the feelings DO subside by the following day. Until the next dream.

  10. It is fascinating how the days events can influence your dreams. Because of this new blog, and my contribution yesterday evening, I almost had a premonition that I would remember one of my dreams.
    I have been having a problem with someone who runs a swing band I have been helping out with, and recieved a rather curt email from them a couple of days ago. Almost on cue, I had a dream last night concerning this band, which I can remember in detail. One of the things is that I was at a rehearsal, trying to discuss my personal conflict with the person in question. The twist however is that I was only wearing pyjama bottoms and slippers!
    This brings me back to a comment I made in my first reply to this blog. That referred to a dream I had (and still remember) from nearly two weeks ago. A rehearsal was coming up with a small orchestra I was conducting. This was a three hour rehearsal of a complete musical (My Fair Lady) which I was about to direct for seven performances. I was naturally apprehensive about the rehearsal, hoping it would go well, and that I had booked efficient musicians. In my dream, I was walking in to take the rehearsal naked!
    Apparently, it is quite a common dream scenario for many people, finding themselves in a normal situation, like walking down a main street or going to a meeting, and discovering that they are in various states of undress, or wearing nothing. The underlying reaon for this is because, either generally, or in the scene they are dreaming, they feel vulnerable, lacking in confidence, unsure of themselves, or maybe just a little nervous about it.
    What I always smile about if this occurs in one of my dreams is this. I will be feeling incredibly embarrased, and very worried about my predicament, and yet noone else seems to notice anything.

  11. Since reading about this quest of yours I have been waking up and trying to remember my dreams so I can post for you. The best I have come up with is that I am trying to email you my dream, but for some reason I have to hand deliver it to your postbox attached to your house. As I stand outside I can see all these people walking up and delivering their emails to you, hundreds of them. All moving so fast I can’t even join the queue. Guess you were getting a lot of spam that day. In the end I just gave up and walked away. This has made me rush to the PC this morning to post this comment before the queue gets too big. I think I now need to seek professional help.

  12. I have to tell you Rebecca, I had a night full of dreams last night, and I'm positive it was ignited by your blog. These were run of the mill, working out life stuff, but it's the first time in a long time I've remembered these dreams. Ha. I think my comments ignited my self conscious.

  13. Thank you all so much for your contributions to this new blog. I am delighted to have read all of your comments and they have given me much food for thought.

    I especially like that you all have different views on the subject (that was my hope).

    I've been re-working some of your ideas and incorporating them into my new novel, which is in its fledgling stage. I hope you will be patient with me as I am sure that this project will prove fruitful. I seem to have set myself quite a challenge - another hope realised - and this is already proving to be so much fun.

    I was very interested to hear that some of you have been remembering your dreams as a result of being an Unfoldling. It just goes to show how much the conscious mind affects the unconscious. I, myself, have been having vivid and memorable dreams this week.

    Keep dreaming and keep contributing.

    Thank you so, so much.

  14. Rebecca, since having the honour of being an unfolding bestowed upon me, I have waited for one of my more entertaining or at least interesting dreams. But wouldn't you know it, I have awoken each morning with no recall at all of my dreams.

    A strange phenomenon I have encountered in dreams is to revisit a place that only exists within my dreams.

    My wife and I bought our "dream house", detached, double garage and surrounded by fields with views of rolling countryside all around. It seemed to be perfect until we moved in, I explored the interior to find that the inside of this dwelling went on and on, opening into more rooms, staircases, hidden passageways and we were not alone. Strange things began to happen, there was a very sinister feeling to the place, spirits or ghosts, whatever you choose to call them resided in this freakish building. I was scared, I wanted to leave but was trapped we had spent every penny we had to buy this house.

    It was the sort of dream where I was glad to wake up, pleased to realise that it was in fact all a dream. However in another dream I returned here to this same house, a house that does not actually exist other than in my "dream world". This subsequent visit was now including one of my daughters and her family and we discovered that the ghosts had gone, but all was still not well. Now although no longer haunted, the building was falling down around us, it required urgent repairs, what were we to do?.

    I know I have revisited this house in my dreams on other occasions but cannot recall the details of these subsequent dreams.

    There are other places that exist only within my dream-world that I visit repeatedly, of course I can not choose to go to these places, but wouldn't it be interesting if we could somehow have control of our dreams.

  15. Hiya Rebecca! This looks very exciting & I wish you every success with the project. In regards to my own dream experiences - I have always remembered at least some of my dreams for as long as I can remember. I tend to dream most vividly when snoozing in the morning. No matter what the subject of the dream, it is often set in an imaginary place that I have created from locations I know well & bears features of all of them. I revisit locations often and they are usually fairly consistent as are the people in them - often friends & family, but also strange characetures of aquaintances & people I haven't thought of in years.
    My dreams tend to be good ones - maybe I just choose to forget the nasty ones, and some of them actually give me a fantastic feeling of euphoria while I'm asleep, which lingers when I wake. Recently I dreamt I was in America somewhere, walking down a wide shallow river course, when suddenly I came to a town of brightly painted many storied houses full of brightly dressed people singing - don't ask me why, but this gave me such a feeling of well being & joy that I cannot describe it.
    I seem to remember certain dreams for a long time, but others are gone almost immediately - although the memory can be triggered by some random situation at a later time.
    I love dreaming & remembering - long may it continue!

  16. Woodpecker, a dream house is maybe not as perfect as the one we already inhabit? What we think we want we don't need?

    Brightly coloured dreams with singing? Sign me up, please falcongri. I too remember people and places from long ago in my own dreams. Is there something we never dealt with at the time that is only resolving itself now, when asleep?

    Many thanks