Monday, 7 June 2010


Prejudice could be seen to be a matter of perception.  It's sometimes used, often unwittingly, as a moral compass, an inner guide to how we would rather or rather not not live our lives.  Prejudice may be a fear of the unknown or a mistrust of those things we do not understand.

It can be overt, a spoken or written phrase than cannot be revoked. 

It is probaly more usually hidden.  You didn't get invited to that gathering because of something that's beyond your immediate control.  You were pipped to the post in that job interview because your face didn't really fit.  In such cases, how would we know that we had ever experienced prejudice?  We may not want to address such issues as they arise, loathe to cultivate a sense of victimhood.  I simply wasn't asked to the party because they don't like me, I didn't get the job because someone else was more qualified.

Have you experienced prejudice?  Did you understand why? What emotions did it evoke in you? Did you re-evalute yourself, your situation or the person expressing the prejudice? 

Have you ever been prejudiced against someone else for reasons you can or can't explain?